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Amazon SWOT Analysis 2017


Amazon the online retailer started life on July the 5th 1994. They initially started off as an online book company, offering books at a more competitive price then their high street rivals. This had a major impact on the book industry and led to a number of small retail book stores closing down. Amazon went on to diversify into electronics, household, DVD,  e-readers , online streaming and now groceries.  Its market capitalisation is $1.6trillion dollars. In this article we will complete a short SWOT Analysis of Amazon.

The SWOT Diagram below shows the summary of a SWOT Analysis for Amazon the online retailer

SWOT Analysis of Amazon Diagram






With a market value of $1.6 trillion and operating in 13 countries, and plans to expand its global reach and offerings (products and services), Amazon will continue to grow exponentially.


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