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Unit 2: Developing A Marketing Campaign


Marketing campaigns have to help the firm reach their objective, they need to be appropriate and be flexible enough to respond to changes. In this article we discuss how to fulfil the criteria relating to each of these requirements as stipulated in BTEC Level 3 Unit 2 Developing A Marketing Campaign.

C4 Appropriateness Of Marketing Campaign

How Far The Marketing Activity Reinforces And Supports Brand Value.

The marketing activity that supports the campaign must do it’s best to put the brand at the forefront of it’s campaign. The campaign may focus on the core principles of the brand which maybe value or quality.  It may focus on the product and it’s features which represent it’s core value of quality and value. Overall a good campaign allows the target audience to recognise the brand on a regular interval.

The Sustainability Of Marketing Activities

The campaign should be costed within the means of the company. The campaign should not cost more then the sales of the product or service. Checks need to be put in place to make sure that the firms keeps and eye on costs. This will be as simple as a weekly profit/loss/ cost analysis.

Flexibility Of The Campaign To Enable Response To Both Internal And External Changes

External factors like PESTLE can influence a promotional campaign. When Britain decided to leave the EU this had an impact on the sales of property across the UK. The falling confidence as a result of the referendum  meant that some estate agents and estate agent portals had to re-evaluate their promotional campaign.

Internal changes can also influence a campaign. A firm maybe taken over by a competitor which  may have an impact on how aggressive the campaign is or a key person within marketing may leave which may impact the delivery of the campaign.

Relevance To Organisational Goals

The campaign must help the organisation reach it’s promotional objectives, marketing objectives and corporate objectives. The objectives set must be SMART and the organisation must understand that what happens in the day to day marketing activities has an impact on the overall organisational goals.

Appropriateness To Target Market

The campaign must be appropriate for the target market, It must clearly set out the benefits of the product to the target audience. The campaign also must be relevant to their needs and the campaign message must be placed in media which the target market access frequently.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

When developing a marketing campaign a firm must take into consideration the legal constraints. There are a number of laws such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the  Consumer Distance Selling Regulation 2000 which need to be considered when developing their campaign. On top of this the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which is an organisation that offer a code of practice for advertisers state that adverts need to be honest, truthful, legal and decent.


The campaign must reinforce the brand value, must be developed within budget and must be responsive to internal ad external influences. The campaign must help the firm reach their objectives and be relevant to the target market. Finally the campaign must meet legal and ethical consideration.

We hope you have found the guidance we have provided for the 2016 BTEC Level 3 Unit 2 Developing A Marketing Campaign useful. For further learning visit our marketing theory page which is full of useful marketing and business articles - each article has relevant examples and useful diagrams to reinforce learning.


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