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Marketing Lessons

Welcome to marketing lessons. Listed below are short worksheets you can complete on the topics you have read on this site. The lessons are based around a fictional company LM Ltd a PC Manufacturer selling to the consumer market. LearnMarketing.net

If you are a marketing lecturer you can print out the lessons and give them to your learners as part of your lesson plan.

To complete the lessons you first need to read the marketing theory. It is best to start the lessons in the order listed in the table below as the later lessons require a basic marketing knowledge.

Marketing Lessons

Lesson Answers
What is Marketing Lesson? Click
Market and Marketing Research Lesson. Click
Marketing Environment Click
SMART lesson Click
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Lesson Click
Product Lesson Click
Lesson Answers
Pricing Lesson Click
Promotion Lesson Click
Place Lesson Click
Service Marketing Click
Ansoffs/ BCG Lesson Click
New Product Development Click




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