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Market & Marketing Research Theory Page | Limitations of Market Research | Worksheet Answer

Following a discussion with senior management about why marketing is important, you now want to conduct primary research into consumer "needs and wants" about the computer industry and general secondary research into the computer industry.

Primary Research

Your company LM Ltd needs to find out more about the potential of computer users.

A) What primary research methods can be used to find out about the needs of computer users.

B) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Secondary Research

A) Using the internet, find secondary research information about the computer industry in a country of your choice.

B) See if you can find the following information:

1. Market share of computer manufacturers within your country.

2. The value of the computer industry within your country.

3. Why is it important for LM Ltd to have the data relating to market share and to know the value of the computer industry?


C ) Why is it important for LM Ltd to conduct both primary & secondary research?

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