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Marketing DVD Resource One


Learnmarketing has placed a selection of its presentations on DVD and has written worksheets for learners to complete. In this DVD 7 key topics are covered with supporting worksheets in PDF format. If you are a lecturer this DVD can play an important part in your delivery process. Each presentation is short and the worksheets test the knowledge of the learners.

Generic Resources

This generic resource is useful if you are teaching a number of marketing courses including Unit 3 Marketing on Edexcel's BTEC Diploma and Extended Diploma pathway, OCR Unit 5 Marketing for Business, CIM, Degree programmes and HNC/HND Market Relations.

If you are from outside of the UK, the worksheets are generic so they should fit into any programme.

Topics covered include

  1. Marketing Definitions
  2. Product Strategies
  3. Pricing Strategies
  4. Place Strategies
  5. Promotion Strategies
  6. Service Marketing Mix
  7. Marketing Research

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Marketing DVD


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