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Customer Services


Customer services involves catering for the needs of current and potential customers. This process takes place before the customer transacts with the firm, during the transactional process and after the transaction has been completed. These actions are known as components of customer service, for more information about customer service components look at our Components Of Customer Services Article.

The customer services diagram below has examples of things that make up good customer service

Customer Services Diagram

Good customer services are an essential part of a company’s strategy particularly if the company wishes to retain customers for the long-term. Customers are more likely to spend more with your firm if they are looked after well. Good customers services can take place in many forms. These include:

Visible Customer Services Desk

Customers should be able to find customer services very easily within a retail store and this desk should always be staffed. This sends out a good impression to customers visiting the store.

Skilled Staff

Staff should have the area of expertise within the section they are working within. Certainly they should know more than the average customer. This builds confidence and trust with the potential customer.

Store Policies

What are the policies on product returns? Customers will feel more confident with a retail store knowing they can return the product if it develops a fault. UK firm Argos have a 14 day money back guarantee on most products that are purchased. So if consumers change their mind about the product within that period, they can return it. This policy goes beyond UK law, showing their dedication to customer service.

Internet Presence

In this digital age consumers expect firms to have a website so that they can access the business whenever they want; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service orientated businesses offer online shopping, web chats and specific offers for those that have joined their social networking site. Click here to learn more about the benefits of internet marketing for the customer and here if you'd like to know about relationship marketing through the internet.

Phone Line

If there is a phone line, customer calls should be answered within a reasonable time. Is the customer service line picked up as quickly as the firms sales line?

If your customers have any queries or complaints they should be dealt with very quickly. Any praise given to the firm should also be acknowledged and thanked, remember the customer has taken time out of their busy schedule to thank you and praise you.


Customer Services must be treated seriously. Failure to do so may result in the firm losing out to competitors and developing a bad reputation within the market.


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