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Mobile Phone Handset Marketing

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New phones that are introduced are packed with features and are sold at a premium price. Over time the price of phones is slowly reduced to make them available to a wider market. As the price is being reduced manufacturers will introduce newer models to replace models which are slowly being phased out. Manufacturers will charge a premium price at the beginning of the life cycle. The pricing strategy will then probably change to skimming as the manufacturer reduces the price over a period of time. Some handset manufacturers offer bundle deals with phones, at a slightly reduced priced, an example would be a Bluetooth headset with a phone, or car kit provided with the handset.


Mobile phones can be personalised, many handset manufacturers offer silicon cases in a number of colours that allow the phone to be personalised by the user. Ring tones that are selected by the user often mimic their personality. The interface via the use of screen savers and menus can now be personalised to the users taste. Mobile phones have almost become an extension of the user's personality and manufacturers are increasingly developing specific features that target users who have specific needs e.g. social networking. Apps on the iPhone are also a popular way to personalise a handset. Users can download a variety of apps that can complement their lifestyle. A visit to the iPhone website will show you apps for cooks, apps for birdwatchers and many more.

Promotional Strategies

Mobile phone handset manufacturers use a number of strategies to promote their particular models. Within movies product placement is very popular. In the original Matrix movie Keanu Reeves used the Nokia 8110. In the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, Bond used The Sony Ericsson C902. The films created hype around those particular models and demand for them for that particular period. Advertisements around mobile phone handsets are more around how they can add value and how they can complement the user's lifestyle. A good campaign, like that of the iPhone works on a number of levels not only does it communicate the fact that the phone is a must have fashion item, once purchased , there are a thousands of apps that suit users particular needs and aim to enhance or make easy their life.


To summarise the marketing of mobile phone handsets can be a complicated process. The product has to be correct, the features have to meet particular needs, pricing must reflect this and the product has to have enough hype to generate demand.

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