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OFCOM : Consumers spend almost half of their waking hours using media and communication


In a press release from UK communuication regulator OFCOM (19 th August 2010) consumers in the UK are spending 45% of their waking hours either watching TV, using mobiles and other communication devices. In summary :

Men spend more time using the media than women, nearly an hour more per day an average of 7 hours 33 minutes per day compared to 6 hours 38 minutes for women.


Quarter of consumers time is spent on the internet, particular social networking sites and 3 hours 45 minutes per day watching TV.


Smartphones are changing the way we use mobiles. There were 7.2 million users of smartphones in May 2009 and 12.8 million in May 2010.


Facebook was the most popular mobile internet site in terms of time people spend on it

However business social network site LinkedIn (grew by 96%) and Twitter (increased by 56%) are also growing in popularity.


Consumers are sending four times as many texts per day then in 2004.


Surfing the internet via a mobile phone is the fastest growing mobile media activity.

Full article found here.

How is the above information useful for the marketers in the UK?

The research published by OFCOM could help many firms in developing their marketing strategy. Consumer behaviour is changing and technology is playing a major role in this. Smartphone use is increasing so firms could make sure they have an online presence on the mobile internet or make sure that they have an app for iPhone users.

With the rise in social networking sites, many social networking sites are offering advertising opportunities or offer business profiles. Firms can try to make sure that this opportunity is utilised.

Whist online use is popular TV still consumes 3 hours 45 minutes per day. This means that advertisers (if their budgets allow) still need to make sure that they have some form of TV presence.

A firm that has a healthy promotional budget will try to make sure that their brand presence is felt across the internet, the mobile phone and the TV.

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