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Viral Marketing

Introduction: Definition of Viral Marketing

'Viral marketing is an online marketing technique which involves creating an infectious excitement about your product so that people pass on information about it through e-mail, social networking sites, blogs and any other form of online network'. P.Tailor 29/04/09 www.learnmarketing.net

This Viral Marketing Diagram shows different ways to create a viral marketing campaign

Viral Marketing Diagram

Viral Marketing Objectives

With any viral marketing campaign the objective of the firm can differ from creating product or brand awareness to increasing market share. With marketing budgets often squeezed because of events like the credit crunch, viral marketing is seen as an effective way to promote products or services at minimum cost.

For example the website YouTube is a popular way to start a viral marketing campaign. Susan Boyle's audition on the TV show Britain's Got Talent received over 100 million views on YouTube making her an international star in 8 weeks. Gangnam Style by PSY a South Korean singer has so far had 1.3bn YouTube views and he is now a global star.

Viral Marketing Principles

Dr Ralph F. Wilson of Marketing Today suggested that there are six simple principles to viral marketing:

A more detailed coverage of this article can be found at https://www.wilsonweb.com/wmt5/viral-principles.htm


Viral marketing is one of the promotional mix strategies a firm can use to increase brand presence and a cost effective way to increase the popularity of products. Wilson's six viral marketing principles provide guidance on how to create a successful viral marketing campaign. However as some companies in the past have discovered at "their peril" before a firm launches into a viral marketing campaign they should prepare for a rapid increase in business just in case the campaign is more successful than anticipated.


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