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BTEC Business Level 3, Unit 2: Developing A Marketing Campaign

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A2 Influences On Marketing Activity

Internal Influences

When developing a marketing campaign you have internal and external factors that can influence the campaign.

External Influences

External influences are defined as uncontrollables factors from outside the organisation which affect the organisation. Factors such as politics, technological developments and the economy can have an impact on how an organisation develops its marketing strategy.

The external influences listed in this section of the unit specification make up the popular acronym PESTLE even though the factors have not been listed in that order. Learnmarketing's PESTLE article examines the external influences on marketing activity.

Marketing Activity Influences Conclusion

Marketing activities are affected by a combination of internal and external influences; internal influences can be controlled the firm but external influences are usually uncontrollable.

B Using information To Develop The Rationale For A Marketing Campaign

B1 Purpose Of Researching Information To Identify The Needs And Wants Of Customers

To Identify Target Markets

It is important that you identify your target market through the use of appropriate research. A company that does well is one that meets the changing needs and wants of their customers. It could be that the company focuses on a single market or it may target multi- targets.

To Identify Size, Structure And Trends In The Market

It is also important to look at the size, structure and trends of the market and monitor competitors. If we look at the British retail sector total  consumer expenditure in 2015 was £40 billion, this is the size, the industry is made up of different types retail outlet, from independents to chains, this is the structure of the industry,. Most retailers have some sort of online  service , this is the trend.

To Identify Competition

A competitor analysis will quickly tell you who is the market leader and what makes them so popular.  So by looking at size, structure and trends, competitors  and researching these issues it helps a firm or an entrepreneur decide whether it is viable to enter a particular industry or not.

B2 Market Research Methods and Use

Primary Research

If a firm decides to enter a market after their initial research they need to conduct further primary and secondary research the main types of primary research include, focus groups, mystery shoppers, personal interviews. For further information please read here.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is research that has already been published for you to access it can include internal research  for example research on loyalty cards  and external secondary research which can include looking at published research. For further information please click here.

Importance of Validity, Reliability, Appropriateness, Currency and Cost

Research conducted must meet certain criteria, it has to be reliable, valid and relevant to your business. Research must also  fall within a budget, although you must remember it is cheaper to spend on research and conclude the business idea is not viable , then set up a business and then close it down after a few months because you discover there is no market for your idea.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Qualitative research  is researching peoples views and and opinions where as quantitative research is all about researching numbers, for example how much people spend each week on their shopping. For further information, click here.

Sufficiency and Focus of Research

It is also important to to focus your research. The research must meets the research brief, it may be on a particular aspect of research and research has to be sufficient enough to help you set up your business.

Selection and Extraction

The right sample size also has to be selected and data needs to be interpreted and extracted from the research. This article on sampling provides further information.

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Unit 2 Developing A Marketing Campaign Overview | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4


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