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Internet Marketing Unit 12 Edexcel

Below is a table showing you how parts of Learnmarketing may help you achieve the Pass criteria for the BTEC National Diploma In Business Unit 12 Internet Marketing.


Criteria Hints from Edexcel Criteria Links that may help you from

Pass 1

Describe the role internet
marketing has within a
modern marketing context.

For P1, learners should describe how the marketing activities of different businesses have incorporated
internet marketing.
Emarketing Mix , Internet Marketing and Objectives

Pass 2

Describe how selected
organisations use internet

To evidence P2, learners should describe clearly how businesses use internet marketing for example to advertise last minute promotions. Viral Marketing , Marketing and Smartphones, Marketing with Social Networking Sites.

Pass 3

Explain the benefits to
customers of a business
using internet marketing.

For P3, learners should explain the principal benefits of internet marketing to customers. Benefits of Internet Marketing for the Customers

Pass 4

Describe the benefits and
opportunities to the business
of using internet marketing
within the marketing mix
of a selected business.

P4 asks learners to describe the key benefits and opportunities presented by internet marketing activity for
a selected businesses and again how this has helped formulate and change the marketing mix for a business
Benefits of Internet Marketing for the Business , Relationship Marketing and the Internet

Pass 5

Explain how internet
marketing has made a
selected business more
efficient, effective and

P5 gives the learners the chance to investigate whether these opportunities and changes have been successful. To come

Pass 6

Explain the challenges of
globalisation facing a selected
business when using the
internet as a marketing tool.

P6 encourages learners to look at the globalisation challenges facing a business that decides to embark
on internet marketing as a promotional tool.
To come.




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